Spanish Faster

Spanish Language School with an Accelerated Learning method providing Online Spanish Lessons with a private tutor since 2011

Why choose Us

Here are some of the reasons why students choose to learn Spanish at Spanish Faster.

1. Private one-to-one classes at very affordable rates

  • We guarantee a better learning experience than in-person classes through our interactive Skype lessons. 
  • You pay a very reasonable price for private tuition and get undivided personal attention from your tutor.

2. Classes available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Many students choose us as we can teach early morning, in the evening after office hours, or at night. 
  • We are also perfect for students who have no French language schools near where they stay. 
  • Students who are busy or who travel often can take classes with us wherever, whenever they want. 

3. Well-structured program with an international standard

  • Our Spanish courses are very well-structured, with lesson notes and exercises for every topic. 
  • We follow the Common European Framework of Reference which is an international standard. 
  • After taking our courses, you can sit for any international Spanish exam. 

4. Learn Spanish faster and smarter through English

  • We teach you Spanish language (which you might find a bit intimidating) through English (with which you are more familiar) and use more Spanish as you progress to higher levels. 
  • By building on what you already know, learning Spanish becomes easier and more enjoyable.
  • We can also use ONLY SPANISH in class for students who wish to learn using the Direct Method.

5. Access to the best learning materials, practices and tips

  • We've been teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language for many years
  • We have invested a lot of money and time to acquire the best learning materials from all over the world. 

  • Thanks to constant feedback from students, we could continuously improve our learning materials. 
  • We have put together all the best practices, language learning and examination tips to share with you.
  • Now new students can benefit from our numerous tips and tricks that they cannot find in any textbook.

6. Logical, Fun and Easy way to learn French grammar and vocabulary

  • Students never get from us the frustrating remark "that's Spanish, that's how it is".
  • We teach not only what students need to learn, but also how to remember it. 
  • We have logical explanations for all grammar points and fun ways to remember vocabulary.
  • Whenever no rule exists, we create them!

7. Teachers professionally-trained on the Accelerated Learning method

  • Our Spanish teachers are professionally trained to teach Spanish as a Foreign Language.
  • They are also trained to help students learn Spanish fast using our Accelerated Learning method. 
  • So students are entrusted to teachers who know exactly how to get the best out of any student. 
  • Our motto is that "there are no bad students, only bad teachers".

8. Admin and Academic support throughout the program from our Team

  • We provide admin support to students throughout the program and assist with any issues they face. 
  • We are uncompromising on quality and promptly intervene there is a need to change teachers. 
  • We also provide guidance to students regarding which exams is easier to score, etc. 
  • There is a whole team that works on every single program, not just the Teacher. 

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