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Translation Policies

Spanish Faster believes that having policies is critical to its business objectives, reputation and client satisfaction. We have adopted the following policy statements: 

1. Confidentiality

1. Our translators have on file a signed Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) stating that all information attained in the course of their professional duties will remain strictly confidential. 

2. This information will not be communicated, published or in any away divulged to any organisation, or person, other than Spanish Faster staff who have a need to know and the organisation or person engaging the services of our translator. 

2. Impartiality

1. Our translators limit themselves specifically to translating, as much as possible. However, if the source document needs to be 'straightened up', they may give their advice if needed. 

2. Our translators render, to the best of their ability, a complete and accurate interpretation or translation without altering or omitting anything that is written, and do not add to what is written, nor provide unsolicited explanation. 

3. Our translators are impartial, unbiased and refrain from conduct that may give an appearance of bias. They do not allow personal opinions to interfere with duties nor add unsolicited comments or make recommendations except to assist with communications. 

4. Our translators will not take personal advantage, financial or otherwise, of information obtained in the course of their work. 

3. Cancellation

1. We understand that things do not always go as you planned, and sometimes a cancellation of services is necessary. Translation projects can be cancelled. 

2. However, no reduction in fees is possible once the Terms & Conditions Agreement has been accepted and signed or authorization has been provided. 

4. Payment

1. Spanish Faster works on a fee-for-service basis, where fees are incurred based on the volume of words translated or the hours/days worked.  

2. We forecast fees based on anticipated scope of work, with adjustments as necessary based on actual volume. If we find that our activities will require work over and above our original estimate, we will ask your permission before proceeding.

3. We accept payment via Paypal, Bank Transfer, Alipay and Western Union. For details, please contact us. 

5. Rush services

1. Spanish Faster can respond to the need for assistance with urgent matters and consequenty offers Rush Services, Last Minute Requests and 24-Hour Emergency Support. 

2. These services are available at additional percentages above standard rates, depending on the specific circumstances and what service is needed. We will do our best to accommodate your unique situation. 

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