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Spanish learning has always been a popular choice among students who wish to learn a second or third language in Europe and the US. Currently, there are nearly half a billion speakers worldwide. Recently, in many parts of Asia, students have been enrolling in record numbers for Spanish classes in private language schools and universities. Why is there so much interest for Spanish learning? Here are 5 good reasons for Spanish learning. 


1. Spanish learning is engaging with the world.

Spanish is one of the world’s major living languages; it is the main spoken language in 21 countries. Indeed, Spanish is one of the six official languages of the United Nations and the second most used language in international communication. Current trends show that Spanish learning is becoming increasingly popular almost everywhere: the US is mulling the idea of having Spanish as its official second language; more European students are studying Spanish as a second or third language; Asia is seeing an exponential growth in student registration for Spanish classes in private language schools and universities. If the world is taking so much interest in Spanish learning, you certainly don’t want to miss the boat as well.


2. Spanish learning opens up more career and business opportunities.

If you're in any occupation that involves international trade, communications or tourism, you certainly cannot ignore the sizeable Hispanic market in the emerging economies of Latin America and its hunger for more products and services. This means more jobs being created in various sectors such as education, healthcare, tourism, communication, finance, entertainment, etc. Equipped with the relevant job skills and through Spanish learning, you will a competitive advantage for jobs that require communication with Spanish-speaking customers, colleagues, employees and business partners.


3. Spanish learning will allow you to appreciate Hispanic culture better.

Spanish learning coupled with knowledge of Hispanic culture will prepare you to better appreciate some of the greatest Hispanic legacies to the world, from Miguel Cervantes to Gabriel Garcia Marquez in the field of literature, and from Goya to Picasso in the field of fine arts. And it is also an excellent excuse to discover the culinary contributions of the Spanish and Latin American people such as paella, tapas, burritos and tamales, just to mention a few.  


4. Spanish learning will enrich your travel experience.

Speaking the local language – even at a basic level – can go a long way if you are traveling in Spain or in some parts of Latin America, especially since English may not be spoken by many people there. Not only you’ll be able to communicate easier with taxi drivers, waiters, shop keepers (it might even save you from paying the “foreigner price” in some places), you’ll also travel more comfortably if you can read signs and menus, ask for directions, make hotel reservations and talk to locals in popular hang-outs. You’ll be surprised that a simple chat with local travellers can give you access to invaluable information such as directions to unbeaten paths that do not yet figure in your Lonely Planet guide, not to mention the path to their heart and hospitality, a deeper insight into their way of life and good memories to bring back home.


5. Spanish learning will allow you to enjoy more entertainment.

Spanish learning will allow you to enjoy a wider variety of entertainment. You will have the ability to watch a movie in its original Spanish version (VO) without having to read the subtitles. You will also have the opportunity to understand and enjoy a wider variety of Hispanic music.


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