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Religion in Spain

Although Spain is an overwhelmingly Catholic country, Spain has no official religion. Approximately 94 % of Spaniards practice Catholicism to some extent. 

Spaniards are known to have a deep religious sensibility - they appreciate the stability and structure of the Catholic church and may have a profound mystical connection to their faith. Every Spanish person, religious or not, is familiar with the basic precepts of Catholicism. 

Spaniards observe many Catholic holidays and rituals. Besides the elaborate Semana Santa (Holy Week) processionals during the week that precedes Easter in many cities, there is a famous pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. Santiago is Spanish for "St James" and the apostle's tomb is believed to be located under the church. During the Middle Ages, the relics made Santiago de Compostela the most important city of pilgrimage after Jerusalem and Rome. The saint's relics are still credited with miracles.