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Learn Spanish in Spain

To learn Spanish in Spain is no doubt one of the best ways of picking up Spanish language in a short period of time. Not only does this method allows a total immersion in the Spanish language, it also gives you the opportunity to live the language through real encounters with Spanish people and also to discover the country that gives the context for this widely spoken language. This will help you make better sense of the Spanish language.

A Spanish Immersion is also a great source of inspiration and motivation. You live and breathe Spanish, and you get into situations (shopping, public transport, restaurants, bars) where you have no choice but to use all the Spanish words you know to communicate. In a school setting, you are surrounded by people with the same interests and the same passion for Spanish language and culture.

1. Decide where to stay in Spain

Don't forget that there are several national languages in Spain besides Spanish. This might make it harder for you to communicate in some cities, apart from being a source of confusion. Although Spanish people are generally bilingual in their regional language and Castillian Spanish, most people prefer to speak in their mother tongue. 

These cities are: Barcelona, where Catalan is the mother tongue; Santiago, where Gallego is the mother tongue; Bilbao or San Sebastian where Basque is the mother tongue.

2. Pick a city in Spain that is of interest to you

When choosing a city in Spain to study, it's important for you to know if that place is of interest to you. Each city in Spain is unique due to its past history. 

While big cities such as Madrid and Barcelona usually get a lot of advertisement, smaller cities such as Valencia, Sevilla and Granada do have a lot to offer as well. Indeed, the smaller cities have a a unique charm of their own in terms of history and culture.

So, while Madrid and Barcelona do have a lot of sightseeing attractions, you can find people sitting in terraces till midnight only in Valencia.

If you like to go out and enjoy nightlife, it's good to be in a place that is very safe at night, such as Valencia and Sevilla. 

When choosing a city in Spain to study, it's important for you to know if that place is of interest to you. Each city in Spain is unique due to its past history. 

3. Pick a City and School in Spain that suit your budget

You should remember that bigger cities tend to be more expensive, especially for accommodation and entertainment. If you are cost-conscious and wish to have maximum fun at the cheapest price, Valencia is perhaps the best place. 

Be aware that some schools seem to charge low fees but have a long list of hidden costs such as high registration fees, costly learning materials, placement fees, expensive airport pickup fees, etc.

4. Join a Spanish course with a good mix of Education, Fun & Travel

If you decide to come all the way to Spain for a Spanish Course, it's certainly not just to learn Spanish grammar: you could do that in your own country! If you come to learn Spanish in Spain, you are surely looking for the opportunity to meet Spanish people, speak Spanish and discover Spain and Spanish culture along the way. 

Some schools focus too much on classroom learning, leaving little time for fun, entertainment and discovery. So join a Spanish Course that allows you to develop communication skills in Spanish by meeting and interacting with Spanish people...and at the same time provides a rich mix of cultural activities to help you discover Spain, Spanish Culture and the Spanish people.

5. Make sure you have individual attention from your Spanish teacher

While classroom learning can be very fun and enjoyable, one drawback is that some students (especially those who may be shy or not too vocal) may not have enough chance to practice speaking and improve their pronunciation.

Choose a program that gives more chance to students to work individually or to interact more with a teacher.

6. Join a Spain Homestay program

Homestay with a Spanish host family is an excellent way of getting immersed into Spanish language and culture. Moreover, it is the most cost-saving form of accommodation to enjoy your stay in Spain.

Author: Nageeb Gounjaria

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