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Learning Spanish: How long (many hours) to learn Spanish

How to learn Spanish fast? How long does it take to learn Spanish? 

These are common questions from students who wish to learn Spanish. You can speak Spanish or any other language at different levels (e.g. beginner, intermediate or advanced level). For instance, a British lawyer will use a more sophisticated language compared to a British child, although both are fluent in English! 

Here's an idea of the minimum hours required to attain different levels of Spanish proficiency. We mention learning hours instead of time frame (weeks, months, etc) as it is more accurate. For instance, a student may take 4 hours/month (if she takes 1h lesson/week) or 56 hours/month (if she takes 14h lesson/week). 

Learn Spanish Fast [3x faster] with Accelerated Learning

Proficiency Level
 Spanish Faster
Lower Beginner
   60-100 hours
  40-60 hours
 Upper Beginner
  150-200 hours
  60-80 hours
 Lower Intermediate
  350-400 hours
  80-120 hours
 Upper Intermediate  
  550-650 hours
  120-180 hours
 Lower Advanced
 800-950 hours
  180-240 hours
 Upper Advanced
  > 1000 hours
  240-300 hours

* Note that some students will need more hours than others due to factors such as intellectual ability, available time for learning, gaps in between classes, pronunciation difficulties, etc. 

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