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Spanish Language School with an Accelerated Learning method providing Online Spanish Lessons with a private tutor on Skype since 2011

Learn Spanish in Whangarei

Learn Spanish in Whangarei. Spanish Faster is a Spanish language institute providing Spanish language classes in Whangarei from A$24/hour! Try it FREE! All our Spanish classes in Whangarei are delivered as an online Spanish Skype lesson with a private native Spanish tutor. You can take our Spanish classes in Whangarei anytime - during the day, in the afternoon, in the evening or at night. We teach 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! 

Why take Spanish language classes in Whangarei with Spanish Faster?

  • Short learning period: Even if you don't know any Spanish and want to learn Spanish in Whangarei, we can help you reach Level 1 (A1) in 40 hours, Level 2 (A2) in 60 hours, Level 3 (B1) in 80 hours, and Level 4 (B2) in 120 hours of learning!  
  • Experienced bilingual tutors: You can learn Spanish in Whangarei from Spanish tutors (all native speakers) who are experts at teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. 
  • Latest exam questions: If you are preparing for a Spanish exam, you get model answers for recent and past exam questions from various test centers around the world.
  • Excellent learning materials: You wouldn't need to buy any extra learning materials; we provide all pdf and audio files. 
  • Anytime, anywhere: You can learn Spanish in Whangarei online via Skype anytime, anywhere; we have tutors available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  
  • Guaranteed Success: So far, we have a 100% success rate. Just read our Student Testimonials. 

Spanish Courses in Whangarei

Spanish Faster provides a range of Spanish courses in Whangarei to cater to the needs and objectives of students of all ages (kids, teenagers, adults) and levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced).

1. General Spanish Courses in Whangarei

Spanish for Beginners in Whangarei
Intermediate Spanish in Whangarei
Conversational Spanish in Whangarei
Spanish Crash Course in Whangarei
Intensive Spanish Course in Whangarei

2. Spanish for Kids in Whangarei

Spanish for Kids in Whangarei
Spanish for Children in Whangarei
Spanish as Second Language in Whangarei
Spanish as Third Language in Whangarei

3. Spanish for School exams in Whangarei

IGCSE Spanish tuition in Whangarei
IB Spanish tuition in Whangarei
A Level Spanish tuition in Whangarei
Key Stage Spanish tuition in Whangarei
SAT Spanish tuition in Whangarei
AP Spanish tuition in Whangarei

4. DELE Preparation in Whangarei

DELE A1 Preparation in Whangarei
DELE A2 Preparation in Whangarei
DELE B1 Preparation in Whangarei
DELE B2 Preparation in Whangarei
DELE C1 Preparation in Whangarei
DELE C2 Preparation in Whangarei

5. Business Spanish in Whangarei

Business Spanish Course in Whangarei
BULATS Test Preparation in Whangarei

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