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IB Spanish B SL Topics

IB Spanish B SL Topics List. For both Core and Options. PDF Download. 

A. IB Spanish B SL Core

1. Communication and media

How people interact, transmit and gather data for the purposes of information and entertainment.
  • advertising
  • bias in media
  • censorship
  • internet
  • mail
  • press
  • radio and television
  • sensationalism in media
  • telephone

2. Global issues

Current matters and future scenarios that have an impact at a regional, national and/or international level
  • drugs
  • energy reserves
  • food and water
  • global warming, climate change, natural disasters
  • globalisation
  • international economy
  • migration (rural–urban, or international)
  • poverty and famine
  • racism, prejudice, discrimination
  • the effect of man on nature
  • the environment and sustainability

3. Social relationships

How people interrelate and behave — as members of a community, individually and in groups.

  • celebrations, social and religious events
  • educational system
  • language and cultural identity, or self-identity
  • linguistic dominance
  • minorities
  • multilingualism
  • nationalism, patriotism, fanaticism
  • relationships (friendship, work, family)
  • social and/or political structures
  • social behaviours and stances
  • taboos versus what is socially acceptable.

B. IB Spanish B SL Options

1. Cultural diversity - Diversidad cultural 

The ethnic, gender, racial, ideological and socio-economic varieties within a community of the target language.
  • beliefs, values and norms
  • culinary heritage
  • how culture is learned
  • intercultural assimilation
  • interlinguistic influence
  • language diversity
  • migration
  • population diversity
  • subcultures
  • the concepts of human beauty
  • verbal and non-verbal communication

2. Customs and traditions - Costumbres y tradiciones

The current and past practices, representations, expressions and knowledge that belong to a community of the target language.

  • celebrations, social and religious events
  • dress codes, uniforms
  • etiquette and protocols
  • fashion
  • food
  • historical events
  • national costumes
  • the arts

3. Health - Ocio

Physical, mental and social well-being, as well as matters related to illnesses.

  • concepts of beauty and health
  • diet and nutrition
  • drug abuse
  • epidemics
  • health services
  • hygiene
  • illnesses, symptoms of good/ill health
  • mental health
  • physical exercise
  • surgery
  • traditional and alternative medicine

4. Leisure - Ocio

The variety of activities performed for enjoyment.
  • entertainment
  • exhibitions and shows
  • games
  • hobbies
  • recreation
  • social interaction through leisure
  • sports
  • travelling

5. Science and Technology - Ciencia y tecnología

The relationship between science and technology, and their impact on a community of the target language.

  • entertainment
  • ethics and science
  • ethics and technology
  • impact of information technology on society
  • natural sciences
  • renewable energy
  • scientific research
  • social sciences

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What is IB Spanish B SL?

The IB Spanish B SL or IB Spanish B Standard programme is meant for secondary school students who have been learning Spanish for 2-5 years. 

Students usually take this exam 

after 2 years of preparation at school 

(a minimum 150 hours of study).