Spanish Faster

Spanish Language School with an Accelerated Learning method providing Online Spanish Lessons with a private tutor since 2011

How it works

This is what happens from the time the student contacts us to the time the student starts taking regular classes.

Before the trial lesson:

1. Student contacts us for a free trial.

  • Student fills in our Contact Form to register for a free trial lesson. 
  • Don't miss out any details and give us maximum options so that we can assign a most suitable tutor. 

2. We assign the most suitable teacher.

  • We assign the most suitable teacher based on the student's availability and learning objectives. 
  • We send out an email to both Student and Teacher to confirm the day and time of the Trial lesson. 

3. Student adds the Teacher to her Skype contacts.

  • Since our classes are delivered via Skype, it is important for the Student to have a Skype account. 
  • If you don't have a Skype account, you can create one here.
  • Add the Teacher assigned to your Skype contacts. 

4. Teacher sends the Lesson Notes for the class.

  • Teacher gets in touch with the student to send the Lesson Notes (pdf file) for the class. 
  • Although you can look at the notes on your screen, we recommend that you print out the Lesson Notes. 
  • It is easier to write down the notes in the blank spaces in the Lesson Notes as the Teacher explains. 
  • Our teacher can also follow any book preferred or requested by the student. 

During the Trial Lesson: 

5. Student meets Teacher on Skype on the agreed day & time.

  • Both Teacher and Student will log into their Skype on the day/time of the class. 
  • Teacher will send a greeting message to the Student and then call to begin the class. 

6. Student and Teacher interact during the class.

  • Student refers to the Lesson Notes (whether printed out or on their computer screen) during the class.
  • Teacher and Student interact using text chat, voice chat and video chat. They see and talk to each other. 
  • The teacher will type in the Skype window as she explains. Don't forget to open your Text window!
  • Normally, students are given homework to do after the class and this is corrected in the next class. 

After the Trial Lesson:

7. Student sends feedback after the trial lesson.

  • Student sends feedback after the trial by filling the Trial Student Feedback Form 
  • To sign up for regular classes, Student can tell us the package they wish to purchase in the Form.  

8. We send an invoice to the student.

  • We send an invoice to the student with our account details and payment options.

9. Student makes payment and reconfirms schedule for regular classes.

  • Student makes payment to our account and sends us a proof of payment. 
  • Student reconfirms the days/time they wish to have regular classes.
  • After receiving your proof of payment, we will confirm by email that we have received your payment. 

10. Student starts taking regular classes.

  • Student and Teacher meet online according to the agreed schedule. 
  • Teacher will send the lesson notes 2-3 days before the class. 

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