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Spanish Language School with an Accelerated Learning method providing Online Spanish Lessons with a private tutor on Skype since 2011

Spanish Tuition Fees

    • The minimum hours required for us to set up a program is 4 hours. 
    • For purchases above 40 hours, 40-hour rate applies. For purchases below 4 hours, 4-hour rate applies. 
    • The rates below do not apply to packages already purchased.
    • Do read our Terms and Conditions of Service below the Price List; it covers Class booking, Lateness, Absence, Replacement classes, Homework, Refund policy, Use-by date, etc. 
    • Our base currency is SGD (Singapore Dollars). Due to currency fluctuations, fees in other currencies will be adjusted from time to time to reflect the equivalent amount in SGD. 

    Private tuition fees (1 student)

    For A1~B2 (beginner to intermediate) levels as per the CEFR. 

     4 hours
     10 hours
    save S$30
    save $20 
    save €20
    save £20
    save A$30
    save H$250
     20 hours
    save S$100
    save $60
    save €60
    save £60
    save A$100
    save H$700
     30 hours
    save S$210
    save $150
    save €120
    save £120
    save A$210
    save H$1350
     40 hours
    save S$400
    save $280
    save €240
    save £240
    save A$400
    save H$2600

    Note: For payment using Paypal or Credit Card, there is an extra 5.2% charge on the tuition fees above. This 5.2% is what is charged by Paypal and Credit Card companies as THEIR service fees, so WE do not cash this extra amount. 

    Private tuition fees (1 student)

     For C1~C2 (advanced) levels as per the CEFR. 

    4 hours


    10 hours
    save S$30
    save $20
    save €20
    save £10
    save A$30
    save H$200
     20 hours
    save S$120
    save $100
    save €80
    save £60
    save A$120
    save H$800
     30 hours
    save S$240
    save $180
    save €150
    save £120
    save A$240
    save H$1500
    40 hours
    save S$400
    save $280
    save €240
    save £200
    save A$400
    save H$2400

    Note: For payment using Paypal or Credit Card, there is an extra 5.2% charge on the tuition fees above. This 5.2% is what is charged by Paypal and Credit Card companies as THEIR service fees, so WE do not cash this extra amount. 

    Terms & Conditions of Service

    1. General

    1. Our Spanish classes are delivered online through Skype with a 'live' teacher (not pre-recorded videos).

    2. Our Spanish classes are delivered as a customised private lesson (1:1) or semi-private lesson (2:1). 

    3. System requirements to take our online Spanish classes: a computer, a good internet connection (broadband or a stable wifi), a microphone, a speaker and a webcam (optional). 

    2. Payment

    1. ALL classes must be PRE-PAID to a bank account designated by Spanish Faster.

    2. We can only deliver classes after we have received a solid Proof of Payment.

    3. We accept the following modes of payment: Paypal, Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Debit Card, Western Union, Alipay, and ATM transfer (for customers in Singapore, China, and Japan).

    4. We can send you our Payment details after you inform us of (a) the package that you wish to purchase, and (b) your preferred payment option.

    5. We must receive the exact tuition fees into our account. Add any payment transfer charges applicable, otherwise this charge (its equivalence w.r.t. class hours) will be deducted from the total hours.

    6. For every payment, send the Proof of Payment to Both (a) Spanish Faster And (b) your teacher.

    3. Teacher

    1. You are assigned one or more teachers who will work closely with you throughout the program.

    2. If for any reason you are not satisfied with a teacher, let us know and we will assign another one to you.   

    3. If the assigned teacher cannot teach a scheduled class, we will assign a replacement teacher (if available) and the class will not be cancelled.  However, if you prefer to reschedule the class with the assigned teacher, you can discuss with the teacher and agree on a day/time that is possible for both of you. 

    4. The teacher will teach and assist with homework and classwork during class time only.   

    4. Break

    1. The teacher is entitled to a short break after every 55 min of class. 

    2. Break times are as follows: 1h class: 5 min | 1.5h class: 5 min | 2h class: 10 min | 3h class: 15 min

    5. Booking and Confirmation of classes

    1. We only accept booking for pre-paid classes.  

    2. Our teachers will only teach pre-paid classes that have been booked in advance.

    3. We consider a class booked after student and teacher have clearly agreed on the class days/time.

    4. To book classes, inform your teacher and Spanish Faster of your preferred days/time, giving maximum options regarding your availability. 

    5. You are not required to book classes for ALL paid hours at once; you can do it in stages keeping in mind the Use-by date for the package you have purchased. 

    6. Book classes for days/time you can commit so as to avoid any deduction from your total paid hours in case of any change in schedule. 

    7. For classes paid but not yet booked, we cannot guarantee the same teacher/schedule for future classes. 

    8. To keep the same teacher/schedule for the NEXT batch of classes, pre-pay for it as soon as possible so that the teacher can book the slots for you.  

    6. Change in Schedule (Cancellation/Rescheduling/Postponement)

    1. You can only cancel/reschedule/postpone 10% of your booked classes without any deduction from your total paid hours only if you give the teacher and Spanish Faster a minimum 36-hour notice.

    2. If you reschedule/cancel/postpone with less than 36-hour notice, the lesson hour(s) booked will be deducted from your total paid hours.

    3. To cancel/reschedule/postpone a class without any deduction from your total paid hours, the Student or Parent (for Kids/School students) must inform both the Teacher and Spanish Faster with a 36-hour notice. 

    4. The date/time of the rescheduled class must be agreed by both Teacher & Student and reconfirmed by Email to teacher & Spanish Faster.                                                            

    5. If the Teacher cancels/reschedules/postpones a class with less than 36-hour notice, you will be entitled to cancel/reschedule/postpone a future class without any deduction from your total paid hours (on top of the 10% allowed) for the inconvenience caused. 

    7. Replacement/Make-up class

    1. You are allowed to have replacement/make-up class for 10% of your booked classes paid only if you give the teacher and Spanish Faster a minimum 36-hour notice.

    2. The replacement/make-up might be on a different day from the regular class and with a different teacher.

    3. We will provide a make-up class if we cancel the class due to any unforeseen situations (power cut, internet connection problem at the teacher’s end, natural disasters, teacher illness, etc).

    8. Absence without notice

    1. If you are absent without notice, your teacher will send you an 'Absence without Notice' email. The lesson hour(s) booked will be deducted from your total paid hours.  

    2. We do not provide any replacement/make-up class for cases of 'Absence without notice'.

    9. Lateness

    1. Your teacher will send you a greeting message on Skype at the scheduled class time. If there's no response from you after 5 minutes, the teacher will make a Skype call; after 10 minutes, the teacher will send you a Class Reminder email; after 20 minutes, the teacher will send you an 'Absence without Notice' email.

    2. If there is no response from you after 20 minutes, the teacher is granted the permission to leave.   

    3. If you have informed your Teacher you will be late, the Teacher will wait for you on Skype and teach you for the time that remains for that booked class.    

    4. If the Teacher is late for a class, she will owe you the time lost and will make up for it in future classes.  

    10. Homework

    1. Your teacher will correct any homework assigned to you or done by you during class time itself.              

    2. If you wish to have your homework corrected outside class time, inform your teacher and she will deduct the time spent in homework correction from your total paid hours. 

    3. If you require extra assistance with school homework or explanation, we can only do it during class time. 

    11. Use-by date

    1. Use-by date for purchased lessons is as follows from the start date (first class): 

    4h = 6 weeks | 10h = 12 weeks | 20h = 16 weeks | 30h = 20 weeks | 40h = 24 weeks.                                 

    2. Purchased lessons not used within the Use-by date cannot be redeemed, refunded or transferred.

    12. Refund policy

    If you wish to discontinue classes anytime within the Use-by date, we shall refund 80% of the remaining value of your Tuition Fees after adjustment based on hours consumed and prevailing rates at the time of billing. We shall also deduct transfer changes incurred (if any) to send you back the fund.  

    13. Communication and Troubleshooting

    1. We strongly recommend that you save our contact details and also add us (Skype 1: spanishfaster and Skype 2: nageebg) to your Skype contacts. This will allow us to assist you promptly in emergencies. 

    2. Our Helpdesk Support (Email, Skype chat, Phone call, Skype call) is only available as follows:

        Monday to Friday from 10.00-18.00 Singapore time. 

    3. We prefer all official communication in this order of preference: (a) Email, (b) Skype Chat, (c) Phone Call, (d) Skype call to Spanish Faster.

    4. We strongly recommend that you always copy [at] for all URGENT emails that require the immediate attention of our Management Team.      

    14. Agreement

    The use of our services shall imply that you have read, understood and agreed to ALL our Terms and Conditions above. 

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