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Best way to learn Spanish

We are always looking for the best way to do things, whether it is the best way to lose weight, the best way to save money, or the best way to gain muscle. Let's look at some of the ways to learn Spanish and assess their strengths and weaknesses before we conclude on the best way to learn Spanish.

1. Learn Spanish through Self-study

Self-study through audios and videos is helpful, especially for learning basic Spanish vocabulary and grammar. However, they have their own limitations for teaching more advanced skills. 

Advantages of this method

  • It is a very economical way to learn, especially when you are cash-strapped.
  • You can learn at your own pace.  

Limitations of this method

  • You are on your own, with no guidance. So you might not be learning the right way.
  • It needs a lot of self-motivation to move from one level to the next.  

2. Learn Spanish by joining a class

Learning Spanish in a classroom with a teacher remains more effective than self-learning, especially in small group situations. The teacher can provide cultural contexts that are an indispensable part of language learning, besides being able to simulate realistic daily life situations. But students need to have realistic expectations; it is not always possible for a teacher to cater to the individual needs of students in a group setting. 

Advantages of this method

  • It is cheaper than hiring a private tutor.
  • You get to meet people of the same interests and can make friends.   

Limitations of this method

  • Not all students might be learning at the same pace, so you have to follow the crowd.
  • You may not have the individual attention of the teacher if it is a large group.  

3. Learn Spanish by hiring a private tutor

Learning Spanish with a private tutor is the best, tried and tested option for those who can afford it. Preferably an experienced Spanish tutor with the skills to teach Spanish as a Foreign Language and one who shares a similar language with you. Not only you'll spend less time looking up difficult words in the dictionary, you will also, through cross comparison, understand Spanish grammar easier and faster. Most importantly, you will have someone who can guide you, motivate you, and share with you all the shortcuts so that you don't reinvent the wheel.

Advantages of this method

  • You have the individual attention of the tutor.
  • The lessons can be customised to your specific needs and pace of learning.  

Limitations of this method

  • It costs more than joining a classroom lesson.
  • You might end up with the wrong tutor if you don't choose well.  

4. Learn Spanish by joining an immersion program

To learn Spanish in Spain is no doubt one of the best ways of picking up Spanish language in a short period of time. Not only does this method gives you a total immersion in the Spanish language, it also gives you the opportunity to live the language through real encounters with Spanish people and also to discover the country that gives the context for this widely spoken language. This will help you make better sense of the Spanish language. 

Immersion is also a great source of inspiration and motivation. You live and breathe Spanish, and you get into situations (shopping, public transport, restaurants, bars) where you have no choice but to use all the Spanish words you know to communicate. In a school setting, you are surrounded by people with the same interests and the same passion for Spanish language and culture. 

Advantages of this method

  • You live and breathe Spanish from morning till night. 
  • You are forced to practice and you can make faster progress. 
  • You get to understand the cultural contexts in which the language operates.   

Limitations of this method

  • It can be relatively expensive (airfare, accommodation, school fees, living expenses)
  • Not everyone has the means and the opportunity to leave everything behind to do this. 

5. Learn Spanish by doing a little bit of everything

The best way to learn Spanish might be to do a little bit of all the above suggestions. You can do some self-study through Spanish learning websites to build your vocabulary through audios and videos. You can also join a class to have the motivation to study and be with people sharing the same interests. Add to that a private Spanish tutor who can fine-tune and build on what you have learned in class. And eventually joining a Spanish immersion program to practice what you have learned! 

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