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A Level Spanish

A-level Spanish helps students develop confident, effective communication skills in Spanish and a thorough understanding of the culture of countries and communities where Spanish is spoken. It develops an interest in, and enthusiasm for, language learning and encourages students to consider their study of the language in a broader context. 

The A Level Spanish course is particularly suitable for students who have studied GCSE Spanish or the AQA Certificate in Spanish and wish to study Spanish at a higher level.

A level Spanish is offered by various examination bodies. Check below for details: 


A Level Spanish Syllabus

View and Download A Level Spanish Syllabus


A Level Spanish Past Papers

View and Download A Level Spanish Past Papers


A Level Spanish Resources

View and download A Level Spanish Resources such as:

  • A Level Spanish Vocabulary
  • A Level Spanish Phrases


A Level Spanish Revision

Spanish Faster offers A Level Spanish revision online with a Spanish private tutor. All our online Spanish tutors are very experienced preparing students for the A Level Spanish exam.

Check out more details of our A Level Spanish Revision Course


What is A Level Spanish?








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