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Cities in Spain

In terms of population size, the Top 10 main cities in Spain are: 

  1. Madrid in Madrid region: 1.60 million 
  2. Barcelona in Catalonia region: 4.81 million
  3. Valencia in Valencian Community: 1.5 million
  4. Sevilla in Andalusia region: 1.26 million
  5. Bilbao in Basque country: 1 million
  6. Malaga in Andalusia region: 900,000
  7. Oviedo-Gijon in Asturias region: 844,000
  8. Alicante-Elche in Valencian Community: 793,000
  9. Las Palmas in Canarias region: 750,000
  10. Zaragoza in Aragon region: 730,000